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Spheres Manifesto

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Our Philosophy

At Spheres, we don’t just create, we curate. Each project is a journey into a distinct sphere of inspiration, where we delve deep, unravelling the essence of your brand voice. We understand that every brand is different, with its own quirks, that is what makes it extraordinary.

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Our Brand Manifesto

Within the vast universe of ideas and concepts, we discovered our own orbit – Spheres.We believe that every brand, every tale, every creative spark, in our opinion lives within its own unique sphere, just waiting to be explored and celebrated. Welcome to our world where creativity merges with strategy and where the two go hand in hand.


Our goal is to connect the dots between your brand and its audience, creating a gravitational pull that transcends the ordinary. We are more than consultants; we weave stories that have an impact on your community and tell cosmic tales to connect with listeners and win them over to your cause.

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Our Collection of

In our Spheres Collections, a curated list of services and work tools available for purchase, artistry meets strategy. Our services extend beyond the ordinary – from captivating designs and creative art direction that breathe life into your visual identity to compelling copywriting that weaves the words your brand deserves. We don't just tell stories; we craft experiences that linger in the minds and hearts of those who encounter them.

Our Brand Muse is You

In this cosmic dance of creativity, you are our guiding star. Our brand muse is not just a statement; it's our commitment. Your vision, your story – is what fuels our inspiration and drive us to explore new frontiers.

What About Our Slogan? “Our Brand Muse is Your”

This is not just a tagline, it is a promise from us to you that every design, every word written, and every strategy crafted will be done with intention and your brand essence at the core of it all. We promise to ensure that your brand shines through, to attract your ideal audience.

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Our Brand Muse is You!

Welcome to Spheres Consulting Emporium, a boutique marketing studio,  where concept creation meets imagination.


Born in the vibrant landscape of South Africa, our journey began with a simple belief-

Every start-up, small business, coaches, teachers, consultants, and creatives, have a unique story waiting to be told and shared with their audience.

At Spheres Consulting Emporium, we are not just consultants, we would like to believe that we are storytellers. Through our lens, we hope to unravel the narrative that make each entity extraordinary. Spheres Consulting Emporium is led by our founder, Thabs, who embarked on this venture with a singular purpose-

to make your brand not just interesting but memorable, with a story that people can relate to.

Brand Audit visuals which include a pile of books, a vase with green leaves flowers

Our Goal?

Our goal is to make your brand  stand out in its own glow, for it to be seen and known within the community that you want to service and to help you connect with your ideal target audience, whether you are a coaching and wellness business or a school, or a consultant. Our offerings cover different aspects of your brand and marketing strategy to ensure overall coverage.


The world might tell you that the market is saturated, we say:

1.     If you speak from the heart and package your brand or offering in a way that attracts your “tribe’s” attention, you will find an audience for your product.

2.     If you know your brand goal and ideal target market, through planning and strategy, you will attract the people your brand was created to cater for.

We are a “boutique” consulting studio by choice. Being “small” means we are hands-on, allowing us to create concepts for your business that we are passionate about! Most of our clients are long-term clients who keep coming back.

Spheres Consulting emporium is not for everyone, but for those we are for, we are for in a bug way!

What we want you to take away, if

Let's get your started on your brand goals!
Areas that we work in:
Gauteng (in person)+ All the other 9 Provinces
(Remote or we can quote for flights) 
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Our Work

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